JELLYFISH NEBULA | Resin Painting with Optional LED Strips for Ambient Backlighting

Tiffani created the JELLYFISH NEBULA as a way to capture the spirit of exploration and adventure of the unexplored depths that the ocean and space offer. Every nebula she creates is one that could exist in our infinite universe and that is an idea that fuels her creativity. The Jellyfish Nebula was inspired by seeing the otherworldliness of jellyfish pulsating in a blue background at an aquarium and soon thereafter seeing a nebula with nearly identical color tones and movement, and thus an artistic idea was planted and bloomed.

As an optional free enhancement, Tiffani can install LED strips behind the painting. Bluetooth controlled, these lights elevate the piece from painting to dynamic art installation as the light color of your choice beams out from behind the painting. This system can also sync with music.


  • Size: 18″ x 48″ x 1.5″
  • Materials: Pigmented Resin Painting on Poplar Birch Wood Panel (ready to hang)
  • Sides: Gorgeously sanded and stained espresso wood to match
  • Signed on back frame, and Certificate of Authenticity

NOTE: This painting is best put in a high light environment so you can see all the details well, or in a dark environment to take full advantage of the LED strips’ ambient lighting. Excellent choice for restaurant or bar artworks with an incredibly unique vibe.