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I’m eternally in awe of not just the beauty that exists in nature but the laws that govern that beauty. The same laws that captivate us with a sprawling sunset (something quite large, also beguile us with the magnificence of a nebula (something mind-boggling huge) or with the inner structure of the cells in a leaf (something quite small). There is a beauty that belies itself as chaos all around us. I work in resin for this very reason. As I pour and manipulate the thick liquid resin, for a moment in time I experience, like a fleeting sunset, the beauty that the laws of physics creates on the canvas, just before it disappears and reinvents itself, settling on the final outcome of the painting. As a former surfer, this reminds me of lying on the board in the water and catching a glimpse of a never to be replicated moment where a small wave peaks and crests and water foams about only to disappear. I want to capture moments tied in their core to nature on a canvas. Resin lets me freeze those moments in time.

One of the challenges Tiffani encountered when she began creating her art was the lack of high-quality inks to mix with her resin. This prompted Tiffani and her husband to create a line of high-quality alcohol inks, which are available for purchase. Visit T-Rex Alcohol Inks here to learn more.

My A-Frame art studio in Olalla, Washington

Where the resin magic happens

 And a hammock for between pours napping