A Withdrawing Roar

“A Withdrawing Roar”

I made this painting in an effort to capture the frenetic nature of powerful waves, seafoam, and resistant shores. I poured four layers of slightly different light golds to get a gradient that looks like dry to very wet sand under a wave. Then I employed a similar effect on the blue-green ocean waters, conveying shallow to deep. The wood panel I chose has gorgeous topographical wood grain lines that sit just below the translucent blue waters and look like sand ridges.

The color gradients of aquas and soft sandy golds remind me of the best vacations on the most beautiful shores. Resin dries with a glass-like effect to it, so you can see through the different layers for ocean realism that rivals drone shots and makes any beach lover enthralled with a mini trip to the ocean by just glancing in it. Hopefully, it brings to you that soft and relaxed feeling of a vacation day on a tropical beach.

24″ x 20″ x 1.5″
Poplar / Birch Wood Panel blonde lacquered sides (1.5 inch deep)
Ready to Hang
Comes with a Signed Certificate of Authenticity

What is Resin?

Resin is kind of like a liquid glass. You may have heard it referred to as epoxy. Resin Artistry is a demanding but exhilarating art form. It is punishing but blissful. With just an hour of worktime, I must use every hard wrought lesson to perfect the pigmented resin I pour. I use surfboard crafting pigments, India Inks, powder pigments and more for the varying hues. Then, I grab a heat-based tool, like my blow torch and manipulate the poured layers from there. Each layer takes a full 72 hours to fully cure. The same process that gets you a gorgeously decorated surfboard is what gets you these paintings. As a former surfer, I find myself ever eager to recapture those fleeting moments of the surf in resin.

*Picture is an example of how my work may look in your space, but the actual size is as listed. Typically, I enlarge it in the example picture to capture all the detail.