The Making of COBALT CREST

COBALT CREST is a visual juxtaposition of streamlined blue waters meeting a frenetic array of cresting waters about to peel into a wave. Intense blues and multilayered resin create an incredible depth of field that leaves your eye lingering on exquisite details.

  • 20in x 24in x 1.5in
  • Resin on Wood
  • Poplar Wood Danish Oil Sides with Infinity Pool Effect
  • Ready to Hang
  • Comes with Artist Letter & Certificate of Authenticity


You can think of epoxy resin as a sort of liquid glass once it is mixed. After Tiffani mixes the two parts, the clock starts, leaving just about one hour to color the resin, pour it, and paint with it. It is about the consistency of honey while in this state.

Tiffani uses a knife and heat implements like a blow torch to paint these scenes. At the one-hour mark, it sets into its final form. Each layer takes about 72 hours to fully cure into a brilliant and extremely durable glass-like finish.

Most paintings have several layers, creating a depth of field unrivaled by other mediums. You can see through the transparencies of layers to those below and Tiffani is known for using this technique to create her signature immersive look of oceans and nebulae.