Sunlight Surf

As a surfer, just a glimpse of a surfboard sets my heart aflutter. That beautiful shape brings back so man enveloping moment on the waves, both serene and exciting. That’s why I chose to work with this shape and incorporate my signature resin art style into it. The surfboard shape was hand-cut, shaped, and sanded from solid laminated Baltic Birchwood. Its beautiful wood-grains are subtly enhanced with a specially blended wood stain and lacquer. Then riverbeds were carved into it where I then poured two layers of resin. The first a slightly luminescent layer, and the top, a more opaque tropical blue, with soft wispy waves sprawling across the banks. This piece has hanging hardware on the back for installation on a wall, but it also looks fantastic standing on its own in a corner (much like a real surfboard looks eye-catching in a room corner).