“Beach Bliss” (Resin is like a liquid glass). Modern Art. Abstract Blow Torched Painting of Ocean Waves and Beach

The peacefulness of a day at the beach, toes in the sand, warm water lapping your way, is what I wanted to capture in this resin pour piece. I did this with two layered resin pours for added depth as you peer through the webby waves and sand. I used real sand paste so the shore looks like sand but remains smooth in texture like the rest of the painting. It is a serene piece for ocean lovers everywhere. I use a blow torch, a heat gun, and impressionist painting techniques that I have learned over the years to create a style that is entirely unique, and one I have never seen anywhere else. I have only about an hour of workable time before the resin starts to permanently set.

20″ x 16″ x 1.5″
Gallery Professional Grade Wrapped Canvas
Non-Toxic Resin
Resin Pigments As Used in Surfboard Crafting
Ready to Hang
Sides Painted to Match

Comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.