The Deep- Resin Abstract Painting. (Resin is like a liquid glass). Pour Painting. Modern Art. Nebula Abstract Ocean Theme. Long Vertical

I worked with resin, a blowtorch, and various pigments to create “The Deep.” I wanted to capture the otherworldly feel of somewhere between a sprawling nebula afar and a teeming ocean crevice, not so far. The detail work is impossible to fully capture in pictures because the resin is so brilliantly shiny but in person, there is a depth to the layers that is truly immersive. You feel like a scuba diver going deeper than anyone has ever gone. From afar, the swirling clouds almost appear to twist and writhe in nebulaic bliss.

30″ x 15″ x 1.5″
Gallery Professional Grade Wrapped Canvas
Ready to Hang
Sides Painted to Match