Luminquill Nebula (a quadtych)

Dimensions: 4 panels, each 12″ x 12″

Medium: Resin with phosphorescent layer on wood panel

Step into a celestial dreamscape with the ‘Luminquill Nebula’ quadtych, an exploration of both the luminous grandeur of the cosmos and the evocative nuances of light. Four 12″ by 12″ square panels, this artwork captures the ephemeral dance of colors and forms present in the universe’s most breathtaking nebulae.

But, the true enchantment lies in the painting’s secret dimension. Tiffani infused it with a specialized glow-in-the-dark layer, as day turns to night, the Luminquill Nebula springs to secret life. Emitting a soft, phosphorescent glow, the ethereal swirls and star clusters radiate an otherworldly luminescence.

Painted with precision and passion, each panel interacts harmoniously with its peers, yet retains a unique identity and can be hung in almost any orientation, besides the one Tiffani chose. The resin’s depth creates an almost three-dimensional feel, providing layers upon layers of visual delight. Just as space holds mysteries still unknown to us, each viewing reveals a new detail, a fresh perspective, a deeper understanding.

Sides: Charcoal Stained wood that sits in juxtaposition to domed resin, creating an infinity pool effect.

**Note:** Please expose to natural or artificial light for optimal glow-in-the-dark effect.