The River’s Gilded Journey: Where resin meets sculpture

The River’s Gilded Journey reflects the timeless journey of water as it carves its narrative into the landscape, forever held in the earth’s embrace, a symphony of natural forces in perpetual motion. The gilded ridges hand-sculpted by Tiffani merge into an interplay with the reflective resin surface and its submerged tactile, three-dimensional textures just below the transparent river. Tiffani’s work invites the observer to ponder the permanence of nature’s artistry juxtaposed against the fleeting moments in which we experience its beauty. All of this is complemented by the gorgeous locally sourced Poplar wood sides that the panel was created on. They add yet another touch of warmth to an already enveloping experience. This painting is part of the “Flowing Forms: The Erosive Dance of Water” collection released this year by Tiffani.