Tiffani employed her holographic resin painting technique to create the NALLORYA NEBULA, bursting with brilliant blue and purple hues, surrounded by swirling tendrils of electrifying metallic gold that seem to appear and disappear in the clouds. Rich textural elements evoke the dynamic energy of a distant supernova. As the eye travels outward, the colors begin to recede into blackness.

The resin medium adds a unique depth and dimensionality to the piece, with layers of color and texture that appear to float and shift in space. The surface of the artwork is smooth and glossy, creating a striking contrast to cool charcoal black wood sides that are a work of art in their own right. The experience is beautifully magnified by the LED strips beaming out from behind the painting, elevating it to an art installation that merges light and form.

Size: 24″ x 30″
Sides: Oregon Poplar wood with Japanese style, “Shou Sugi Ban” effect*
Materials: UV-Resistant, eco-friendly tinted epoxy resin, multilayered for extraordinary depth
Lighting: Fully installed LED strips that are customizable via a remote control, can sync with music, and plugs into either a wall outlet, or a battery pack via a USB cord. This install gives the painting an outer glow that is achieved with transparent stand-offs for light leakage from behind.