Purest Sea- Resin Painting. Ocean Waves. Pour painting on birch poplar wood panel. Epoxy Art.

“Purest Sea”

-Cradled Poplar & Birch Wood Panel with natural finish lacquered sides
-Ready to Hang
-Comes with a Signed Certificate of Authenticity

When I made “Purest Sea” I wanted to slice out just a little bit of the experience of being waist deep in tropical waters, where your eye line catches rippling soon to be waves coming in. I worked in layers so in some spots you can see just beneath the “water,” just like in real life. It is an abstract impressionist take on the imagination of an ocean aficionado and surfer.

If you have any questions about my process, feel free to message me.

What is Epoxy Resin?

Resin is kind of like a liquid glass. It is a two-part epoxy that finishes like glass, hard as a countertop, but clear and glossy as glass. Resin is a demanding but exhilarating art form. With just an hour of worktime, I must use every hard wrought lesson to perfect the pigmented resin I pour. I use surfboard crafting pigments, India Inks, powder pigments and more for the varying hues. Then, I grab a heat-based tool, like my blow torch and manipulate the poured layers from there.

The same process that gets you a gorgeously decorated surfboard is what gets you these paintings. As a former surfer, I find myself ever eager to recapture those fleeting moments in the surf in resin. This is all done on a beautiful cradled wood panel with poplar wood sides. The finishing touch is to sand and stains the wood sides so the beautiful natural grain is showcased and so the resin seems to float above it.

*Picture is an example of how my work may look in your space, but the actual size is as listed. Typically, I enlarge it in the example picture to capture all the detail.