The Blue Abyss

Using real drone photography of Atolls in the Pacific Ocean, I started building an underlayer of the Atoll with glass sand and heavy gel. This brought a depth to the water showing the drop-off of the atole into the blue chasm of deep waters. The variant between deep rich blues and light soft ocean turquoises brings me back to many a beautiful scene diving and surfing. A touch of green on the Atole is the vegetation that thrives in the middle. and the waves that gently lap in and over the sand are a soft pearlescent white. The beauty is in the details, where you can stare and really get lost. This comes with hanging hardware so you can choose the angle to display it with or alternatively, you can put it on a display stand on an entryway table. At 24″ across it really is an eye-catcher.

Substrate: 1″ Thick 24″ Pinewood Circle
Mediums: Resin, Modeling Paste, Glass Sand
Sides are resin poured to match.