Breakers’ Mist

  • Materials Canvas, Resin, Pigments
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Breakers’ Mist was inspired by a drone image of cool ocean waters breaking over rocks with the webby foam of the waves pulling apart and breaking. I used a multilayer resin pour to achieve this rich depth. With just an hour of workable time after I pour and mix the resin, I have to work fast to manipulate it how I envisioned. It is a give and take between the way the resin wants to go and the way I make it go. The pictures don’t quite show it but some of the blues feature a soft soft shimmer from the pigmented blue I used. I also used a snow white pigmented powder for the waves that sits on top of the resin and break up the shine with some nice textural differences. Many of the metallics aspects of some of the pigments make this painting come alive in different ways as the light hits it.

40″ X 16″ X 1.5″ Professional Galler Grade Canvas
Signed Certificate of Authenticity
Free Surprise Jewelry Made from the Same Resin As the Painting Included