48″ X 12″ X 1.5″ Professional Gallery-Grade Wrapped Canvas
Signed Certificate of Authenticity
Ready to Hang

Working on an epically long canvas and personal record of mine at 4 feet, I created “Balustrade” by layering resin and inks for a depth of field that rivals the nebula imagery coming in from Hubble. I also used a blow torch and a touch of effervescent pigments that glow and envelop you in their colors making for an immersive experience. As you move around, and light hits Balustrade differently, you will see new aspects of it come alive and imbue with light and dimension. That is the beauty of resin! Resin paintings are not just one painting, they contain multitudes within themselves.

What is Resin?

Resin is a demanding but exhilarating art form. It is punishing but blissful. With just an hour of worktime, I must use every hard wrought lesson to perfect the pigmented resin I pour. I use surfboard crafting pigments, India Inks, powder pigments and more for the varying hues. Then, I grab a heat-based tool, like my blow torch and manipulate the poured layers from there. The same process that gets you a gorgeously decorated surfboard is what gets you these paintings. As a former surfer, I find myself ever eager to recapture those fleeting moments in the surf in resin.

*Picture is an example of how my work may look in your space, but the actual size is as listed. Typically, I enlarge it in the example picture to capture all the detail.