Tiffani created the YTERA NEBULA in a fluorescent array of colors launching forth with unimaginable vigor against the stark blackness of space. Small twinkles of far-away stars peek through the translucent luminosity of the burgeoning nebulaic clouds.

THE MIST NEBULA (with LED lights)

Tiffani created The Mist Nebula as a way to capture the spirit of exploration and adventure of the unexplored depths of space. Every nebula she creates is one that could exist in our infinite universe and that is an idea that fuels her creativity. This one features teal tones with touches of burning bright amber hues and shimmering blue-greens created by sculpting layers over each other. The chaotic but moving recombination of colors and movement dance over each other with an array of light that only resin paintings are capable of capturing, where light passes through each layer, illuminating the one beneath it for a depth of experience magnified by the LED strips installed behind the painting that elevate it to a dynamic art installation.


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“Balustrade” 48″ X 12″ X 1.5″ Professional Gallery-Grade Wrapped Canvas Signed Certificate of Authenticity Ready to Hang Working on an…