Embankments- A Resin River Carving / Painting / Sculpture Wall Art. Sculpted stained wood w/ an epoxy resin pour painting river & glaciers

“Embankments” is my first step into an expanding from resin pour paintings on canvas, to resin pour paintings on carved and sculpted wood. Working with my husband, we carved rivers in the wood and enriched the wood with Danish oil so the gorgeous natural grain lines would be made as beautiful as possible. Then, I poured a translucent blues and greens into river openings, working in layers to create a sense of depth and movement. I also poured in some white glaciers that sit just below the blue-green water and peek out in spots to give the impression of melting glaciers having caused the riverways. It is an aerial inspired sculpture that can hang on the wall since it is 1.5 inches deep. For those of you that love paintings with intense texture, this is one you can touch as much as you like. It is exploding with texture, from the sanded rich wood grain to the glass-like peaceful resin rivers.

22″ x 24″ x 1.5″
Ready to Hang
Comes with a Signed Certificate of Authenticity & Artist letter

What is Epoxy Resin?

Resin is like a liquid glass. It is a two-part epoxy that once mixed, starts to harden within about an hour, but takes 72 hours to fully cure. Resin is a demanding but exhilarating art form. It is punishing but blissful. With just an hour of worktime, I must use every hard wrought lesson to perfect the pigmented resin I pour. I use surfboard crafting pigments, India Inks, powder pigments and more for the varying hues. Then, I grab a heat-based tool, like my blow torch and manipulate the poured layers from there. The same process that gets you a gorgeously decorated surfboard is what gets you these paintings. As a former surfer, I find myself ever eager to recapture those fleeting moments of nature’s beauty in resin.