Longshore Drift- 12″x36″ Resin Painting of Abstract Oceans Adrift

One of my favorite things about surfing is when you are in the water, on your board, parallel with horizon line of the water against the sky. Every ripple in the water you can see and every reflection of light against it you can feel. That is the window I worked to achieve on this abstract ocean piece. The beauty is in the details. Take it in from afar, then move closer and see the variety of worlds that are adrift in each supple wave, each as beautiful and unique as the next.

12″ x 36″ x 1.5″ Professional-grade Gallery Canvas, Ready to Hang
Non-Toxic, extremely durable resin with a high-gloss, glass-like finish
Signed Certificate of Authenticity

Colors: Crisp White, Soft Blues, with touches of silver, lavender and a bit of gold.