Reflections. Resin Pour Pond Art.

Peacefully reflecting over the gently rippled waters of a pond. That is the look and depth i wanted to convey in this piece. The underlayers has glints of rocks and sand that peek through the water in the shallow areas and the deeper waters richen in hue and darkness.

I use a variety of techniques to color and manipulate the resin within the short window before it cures, about an hour. Using a blow torch, other heat-based devices, inks, and pigments (same as used in surfboard making) I coordinate the piece working fast and expertly, relying on my hundreds of hours of making these paintings and the natural flow of the medium.

20″ x 20″ x 1.5″ Professional Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Ready to Hang
Non-toxic Non-yellowing Resin
Comes with signed certificate of authenticity
Sides painted to match.