“Halcyon.” Hand-poured & Blowtorched Resin Painting (Resin is like a liquid glass). Pink-Gold, Lavender, White, Touch of Bronze

Halcyon is a peaceful multi-layer resin pour painting. I worked with liquid resin, pigments, and heat tools to create this artwork in a way that builds up a real sense of movement. Its soft, feminine colors of pink-gold, lavender, purple-silver sway beautifully with the piquant white waves that overlap the layers, spreading out in webby mist as they crash. At 15×30 inches, it makes a real impression in any room. The glass-like finish shines brilliantly and infuses light into the layers. I named it Halcyon because it has such a classy calm to it, that the name was fitting.

15″ X 30″ X 1.5″
Professional Grade Canvas
Non-Toxic & Extremely Durable Resin
Signed Certificate of Authenticity