• Materials Canvas, Resin, Pigments
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Resonance was inspired by Hubble Nebula imagery and a desire to dance with the art of resin in a new way. I used a painstaking muli-pour technique to build a sense of sculpted depth. With only an hour of workable time for each pour, I have to dynamically respond to the direction things organically develop and work with it, not against it. Each layer surprises and challenges me and becomes its own force of nature.
Resonance features and underlayer of black and crimson blooming clouds, with a top layer of varying golds, oranges, lavenders, and soft creamy whites. Like a nebula, the clouds push and pull, wax and wane, in a dance that dazzles as a wonder of the universe we see only from afar. As the light hits the different layers in from different angles you will notice new details peaking out. This is a piece you can really get lost staring into.

24″ X 24″ X 1.5″ Professional-Gallery Grade Canvas
Comes with Signed Certificate of Authenticity
Made with Resin that is non-yellowing and incredibly durable