UNIA NEBULA Inspiration & Creation:

Perhaps what makes nebulae so truly special is the sense of wonder and amazement they inspire in us. As we gaze up at the night sky and contemplate the vastness of the cosmos, what we see serves as a reminder of the sheer scale and complexity of the universe. They challenge us to think beyond our everyday concerns and appreciate the grandeur and mystery of the world around us.

In capturing the essence of this experience, the UNIA NEBULA not only celebrates the beauty of the cosmos, but also invites us to explore the wonders of the universe and contemplate our place within it.

Size: 10″ x 30″ x .8″
Sides: Oregon Poplar wood with Japanese style, “Shou Sugi Ban” effect*
Materials: UV-Resistant, eco-friendly tinted epoxy resin, multilayered for extraordinary depth