Whale Tail Noir (Black and White Monochrome) Original Oil Painting of Stormy Ocean and Humpback Whale

  • Materials Professional Grade Canvas, Oil Paint, Varnish
  • Where to Buy? etsy.com

Even after a decade of painting in many mediums, I still always return to oil paints and the magnificence of a whale tail slipping into the water. It is just a scene that is ensconced in my being. This piece was particularly unique for me because I stuck to a monochrome black and white color palette on a large canvas. The effect is truly immersive. You feel like you are swimming right behind it. The storm clouds are soft and light-diffused, whereas the waters are choppy and swelling from the oncoming storm. The whale is a humpback and was painted according to real photos.

Brush strokes sit squarely between realism and impressionism and there is a dimension to the paint. After months of drying, I finished it off with a professional high-grade high-gloss varnish so that the oil is sealed and protected, as well a shiny and rich in look. The sides are painted to match.

Professional Grade Gallery Wrapped Canvas 24″ X 36″ X 1.5″
Oil Paint
High-Gloss Varnish