“Obsidian” Resin- poured and blow-torched FIVE layer piece. (Resin is like a liquid glass). Abstract Nebula/Deep Ocean Theme

  • Materials Canvas, Resin, Pigments
  • Where to Buy? etsy.com
  • Work Time 35 hours

Size: 36″ X 12″ X 1.5″
Substrate: Canvas (Professional Grade Stretched Ready to Hang)
Materials: Resin
Sides Painted Black to Match.

FIVE layers of resin on this one. A personal record. I wanted achieve a sense of depth so I created translucent areas of each pour so you can see the layer below it. The depth is simply incredible. You can really linger in it and in different lights, experience new beautiful details.

You can almost feel the movement of the piece. I love studying Hubble imagery and use real aspects of nebulae in these pieces. I like to think somewhere in this vast universe, there is a nebula just like this one that we have not seen yet.