“Sarcoline” 4-Layer Resin Poured & Blow Torched Painting. Contemporary Modern Art. Nebula Inspired.

  • Materials Wood Panel, Resin, glow in the dark blue pigment, other pigments
  • Where to Buy etsy.com

18″ x 24″ x 1″
1-inch Wooden Panel
Comes Ready to Hang with Brackets
Non-toxic, non-yellowing Resin

Resin is like a liquid glass. Each layer takes careful pigmenting, mixing, pouring and then manipulating with heat. Then, each layer takes days to cure. As I added layer after layer to Sarcoline, a tremendous sense of depth built up, where you can peer through the layers and linger between them. As the light shifts throughout the day, you will see new aspects of this piece reveal itself. Up close there is this beautiful interplay of both boldly contrasting colors and lightly contrasting colors. Deep space like black strikes against rich blues which merge into a soft dance between peach nebulaic clouds, and soft whispering whites and aquas.

Comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.