Amidst Atmosphere

  • PRICE 2500

Amidst Atmosphere

Northern lights dance over our atmosphere. Satellites swoosh by. Debris burn brightly and then disappear forever. Our Atmosphere at night is aglow with movement and chaos but it looks so peaceful from below. This piece was inspired by an “outside looking in” view from low earth orbit. I worked in multiple layers building up a sense of what lies beneath, a planet in motion, and what rushed by above that in a blur of shapes and colors that most of humankind can only dream of seeing with their own eyes. This painting is an artistic transport to that chaotic display of nature and humanity in an eternal churn. 

  • 36in x 24in x 1.5in
  • Resin on Wood
  • Poplar Wood Treated Sides with Infinity Pool Effect
  • Ready to Hang 
  • Comes with Artist Letter & Certificate of Authenticity 

What is Resin? Resin is commonly known as epoxy. Epoxy resin has a brilliant glass-like finish and is used for its durability in surfboards, boats, even counters, and flooring! I use similar techniques to the surfboard crafters where I mix the two parts resin, starting a 1-hour timer I must work quickly and expertly off of hundreds of hours of experience to pigment the resin, pour it, and painting with it using a knife and a blowtorch before it starts to permanently cure. Each layer needs 72 hours to fully cure and for depth, I use multiple layers.