Canyon Rivers

“Canyon Rivers” was inspired by my childhood growing up in Arizona and regularly visiting the Sedona area. Since then, I have traveled to many places, but nothing has ever come close to the unique colors you see in the Sedona red rocks and river waters. I worked in layers, to build a sense of depth and transparency as if you are peering through the waters. The vibrant juxtaposition of copper rocks against the teal blue aqua waters makes this a piece you can really get lost in.

What is Resin?

Resin is like a liquid glass. It is a two-part epoxy that once mixed, starts to harden within the hour.

I mix resin with various pigments and then work with a blowtorch and knife to paint these scenes.

Some paintings have up to 5 layers of resin, each taking 72 hours to fully cure. You can see through the layers like looking through glass or water. Once cured, it is brilliantly shiny like glass and also robustly durable like a countertop. Resin is so durable it is even used to make surfboards using similar processes as to how I create my paintings.