Resin Pour Painting “Ocean Solitudes” (Resin is like a liquid glass) Surfboard Pigments. Abstract Blow-Torched Painting of Ocean Waves

“Ocean Solitudes” came from a poem I read about the Ocean being big, dark, and full of guilt. That’s not how I see those expansive waves, so I painted one that conveys a less morbid nuance of the serenity of a day spent in solitude at the beach. Toes dipping in the sand, white waves foaming, waxing and waning, and all the soft sounds and cresting daylight that bring about that sense of well-being that is uniquely created at the beach.

I used poured, pigmented resin, a blowtorch, and resin painting methods I have been honing over years of working with the incredibly demanding medium to get varying tones and translucence. These are similar techniques to how a surfboard is decorated. I even use surfboard crafting resin pigments and materials.

24″ x 20″ x 1.5″
Gallery Professional Grade Wrapped Canvas
Non-Toxic Resin
Resin Pigments As Used in Surfboard Crafting
Ready to Hang
Sides Painted to Match

Comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.